Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feet jammies

Every once in a while we get messages and pictures from the families where Elder Martin is serving. In his last email, he mentioned the Jeffords family. While they were at dinner last week, Elder Martin commented to one of their young children that he liked his pajamas, and mentioned that he had some similar ones.  Apparently, the kids didn't believe him, so he had to go show them.  Since several of the missionaries, including Colby are leaving this area, they went to say good bye to this sweet family.  Sister Jeffords sent me a very nice message and some pictures.  Yes, he is mine, and yes I love him.  I also love these families that are so kind. I am always so touched that not only do these families welcome the missionaries into their homes, but they take the time to share with us.  These pictures of our smiling, healthy, happy, missionaries fill our hearts!  Thank you, sweet Jeffords family.

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