Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Waiting for P-Day

We didn't know when his P-Day would be in the MTC, so we just waited...  It wasn't on Monday...but Tuesday we received emails! And he sounded so good! The whole purpose for creating this blog was to have a place for me to post his group email, photos and additional info that he shares with me and Allen.  I might also add a bit here and there about how we are enjoying this experience with him.

Elder Martin's email from June 7, 2017:

Elder Martin and his companion Elder Orchard

Elder Martin and Elder Grader

In the email he sent to me, he asked for a care package.  He said that the food was great, but they ate at 7:30, 11:40, and 4:45, so he was starving at night after class and studying.  He needed chips and other salty snacks.  He also wanted to know if I had any tips on getting pen out of his white shirt.  We are so thrilled that he is having such a positive experience. 

"You've had eternity to prepare for your mission, and you'll have eternity to reflect on it.  But you only have 2 years to live it."

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