Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Habit Burger...or burger habit

Monday we played a little ball.  Chris Aubrey stopped in from work and played with us, it was some good fun.  When it was time for dinner, our dinner host didn't even show up to their own house, and the pizza delivery guy was there waiting.  It was awkward.  They finally came home, like 40 minutes late, so we ate real quick and had to get to a lesson.  This lesson was the surprise from last week. Elder Jensen and I got the crazy, cool opportunity to go BACK to Burbank for the night, and re-pick up our old investigator, Manet!  The one who was really prepared! We had a lesson with her and the Burbank elders, and passed her off to them.  We'll see how it goes, but we're praying it'll go the way it's supposed to.

Elder Martin, Manet, Elder Jensen- back in Burbank

Tuesday we had our normal weekly planning, and then a baptismal interview to go to.  Elder Jensen did the interview so I got to chill with the missionaries that taught the interviewee for a minute.  We also had a lesson with Mary Anne, and talked about missionary work and how she can do it herself, and she's been giving us referrals to send out to other missionaries throughout the country for her friends.  She'll be a great member!  We also had a great lesson with Tabatha, which was a review of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She gets it, and thinks it's just like gears that turn one another.  It all clicks and make sense for her.

Wednesday wasn't too notable.  Nothing much came from today.  We did have Habit burger for dinner though, with a member.

Thursday was district meeting.  It was a really good meeting where we talked about accountability and using time better.  It was good.  There were some good things that we talked about and discussed. We had a pretty good knockout and found some solid potentials that we're going to follow up with.

Friday we felt inspired to call Mary Anne and ask if we could come and do some service for her.  She accepted and when we got there, she asked that we clean her car.  So we did.  (She's 80).

But she is so kind, and ended up making us lunch.  So we're eating outside, and her daughter comes out and eats with us, and we start talking and eventually, long story short, her daughter is a new investigator, and is really interested in learning more about the gospel.  It will be really good for the two of them.  The gospel brings families closer.  That's true.  I know it!  Because the family is ordained of God- it's so important that we live the gospel in our families, and we will be blessed greatly.  We were able to help Brother Blackstone out a little bit again too.  Again...a member took us to Habit burger.

Saturday we got to participate as a zone, in some community service project, and be able to help out a little in the community, and get people so see us Mormons aren't so weird after all.  We're normal people too.  It was pretty neat, we got to go and paint fire hydrants to make them more visible.

We knocked some, visited some, and found some.  Kinda.  There was a referral from a member that we were able to get in contact with and they want to sit down with us, so that's good.  Hopefully we'll see progress there.  We also had a member bring us Hook burger for dinner, which is basically identical to Habit burger...3/4 days...

Sunday was Sunday.  It was the week where the high council spoke in sacrament meeting, which was good.  They had some good talks that really helped understand a little more about the Book of Mormon, and how it helps and compares to today's world.  Had some good people we talked to through knockout, and found a potential family as well.  I also had the chance to interview someone else for baptism too.  It's always cool to see the faith of these people as they step forward in their new lives and prepare to make covenants with God.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  #GoJazzGo

I love you all!

Elder Martin

Garden tour of Mary Anne's Iris

"Be found Doing the Work of the Lord."  President Thomas S. Monson

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