Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Summer is here! Right?

Hello everyone!  Summer is here! Right?  Sure feels like it.  I hope to hear that things are going good, wherever you are all at!  Let me tell you, the mission is so great!  Such a good experience!  Time sure does fly though!

Monday we played some soccer at the church and then we had two dinners.  One at StoneFire with a part member family and another with someone that Elder Clark taught in Sherman Oaks that was house watching in our area, so had us over and cooked us Korean food...it wasn't the best, I'm sorry.

Tuesday we were doing our weekly planning when we got a call to go and give a blessing to a ward member in the hospital.  It's so amazing to see the power of the Priesthood work and help this sister! It is so crazy, the things that can happen because of it! Such a good experience.  We went to visit some people that were potentials in the area, but had no luck.  We got to knockout and didn't have too much success.  Our lesson with Tabatha got cancelled, but she's still on track.

Wednesday we went to the leadership council with all the other zone leaders and sister training leaders, APs, and President and Sister Henrie.  It was really good.  It lasted 4-4 1/2 hours, but it was good.  We talked a lot about attitude, and finding investigators.  It was really cool.  We went over a talk from President Uchtdorf about the Wright brothers, and discussed it.  It's called "The wind Beneath your wings."  You should all read it!

Preparing for Mission Leadership conference...

We came back and had dinner at a members home, and then went home for a little to prepare our training to give the next day.

Thursday we got to finish out training preparation, and then give a training to the zone on the things we learned at the meeting from the day before. Afterwards, we went on exchanges with the West Hills elders.  I stayed in Woodland Hills, and Elder Mekhaeil came with me.  We had a good knockout and then a good dinner as well.  Eventually, we visited some people and were in for the night.

Elder Mekhaeil and Elder Martin together again

Friday we did some errands in the morning, as well as visiting some investigators.  We also did a back to back exchange.  So then I went with Elder Leishman, in Woodland HIlls! Elder Leishman and I knew each other before the mission, so it was pretty sick to work with him.  We knocked in the rich areas, since he never has, and talked to some very kind people, and picked up some potentials.  Usually, the rich areas are the most prideful and rude, but not this time.  We went to visit some investigators, but no one was home, so we resorted to knocking doors again.  Did that until 8, then hit In 'n' Out Burger.

Elder Martin and Elder Leishman

The 'rich' area

Saturday we went and set up the mall booth and did that for a little bit.  Soon we went to Mary Anne's to help with some service, and teach her about the organization of the church.  We exchanged back afterwards, and had knockout, then dinner.

Mall booth

We also got transfer calls...I am staying in Woodland Hills, however Elder Clark is being transferred.  It's a real bummer.  At the end of the night, to make up for it, we filled our 7-11 mugs with Slurpee- it eased some of the pain.

Sunday we had ward council in the morning, and then church.  Testimony meeting was good. Gospels principles, it was alright, and then priesthood was really good. Our teacher really put his time into it, and presented it really well. We went to a baptism for  that Elder Clark taught in Sherman Oaks.  I got to see Elder Kerr.  We also had dinner in Hidden Hills, which is the gated community that one of our members lives in.  In Hidden Hills is the home of Drake, Adele, Kanye, Kardashians, etc. So we got to see Drake and Adele's house, but no pictures.  We aren't allowed.  Dinner was good though.  We went to some members for Elder Clark to say goodbye to, and leave a message with them, when Elder Clark got the call to be an assistant!

So far today... we've done laundry and ran to the computer lab to see my new companion...I guess you can say it's not a new one, but a recycled one...I'M WITH ELDER JENSEN AGAIN!!! Somehow, some way!  I'm really looking forward to it!  It's going to be awesome.

I love you all, and hope you all have a great week!

Elder Martin

PS Happy Birthday to my favorite nephew, Carter, this Saturday.

"Human agency was purchased with the price of Christ's suffering.  The power of Christ's atonement overcomes the effect of sin on the condition of wholehearted repentance.  Through and by the Savior's universal and infinite Atonement, all have been redeemed from the Fall and have become free forever to act for themselves.  By learning to use the gift of agency to make right decisions you will increase your spiritual lift and altitude."  
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf  (The Wind Beneath Your Wings) 

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