Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hello everyone!  This is going to be a real brief email, with very little time left.

Last Monday, we were able to get two investigators, Dominic and Max, to come to family home evening at the church with all of the YSA's.  It would have been better for them, had FHE started on time...we had to leave to go to a meeting, but the ward really did take care of them, it was cool.

Tuesday we met with a couple of members and got them to do some missionary work of their own, it was cool.  We also got Kora, (recent convert) to do her family history, and we brought her sisters, and Dominic and his friend and played some ball for a quick minute.

With Kora and her sister

Wednesday we had MLC, so not too much happened.  A couple hour long discussions.

Thursday we had district meeting and knockout.  After knockout we just had a quick minute before a lesson, and no dinner, so we just hit up the Aubrey's and grabbed a quick snack.  We did have a really cool lesson with another one of Kora's sisters, and taught the restoration.

Thank you Eric Aubrey, for the snacks!

Friday morning we got to go to the valley and be part of a Temple Visitors center feedback meeting thingy.  It was cool to give them our feedback.  We were some of 4 companionships that got to go. Later on, we had an exchange with Elder Phillips and Elder Chappell.  Elder Phillips and I knocked into a really prepared lady named Christiane.

Elder Phillips and Elder Martin

On Saturday we were able to go to the big park by our apartment and contact some people.  There was a big 7 on 7 football tourney so we got to talk to a lot of people.  One of them, named Grant something...he played safety for UCLA from 98-01, and told me all about how he got trucked in the Rosebowl one year, haha.  Anyway, we had good lunch with our Bishop and some solid contacts throughout the day.

Sunday we were just able to get Dominic to the church.  But that's about it.  We had a good day at church.

I hope you all have a great week this week.  I'll write more next week, I promise.  I love you all!

Elder Martin

"Wonderful, glorious things are in store for you, if only you will believe, obey, and endure."  
President Thomas S. Monson

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