Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One Year!

Hello everybody!  Not too much went on this week, so I apologize for my short email.

On Tuesday, after our preparation day, we had dinner at the Wilson's home.  They feed all the YSA missionaries and anyone they bring, every Tuesday.  We were able to have Kora, and 3 of her sisters, as well as Chantel there.  It was so sick!  It was Elder Horito's birthday, so they got a cake with a picture of his family on it, it was sick.  After dinner, we taught a lesson with all of them there.  It was great!  We were supposed to go and meet with the stake high councilman over missionaries, but he had to cancel, and then at that point, the assistants asked us to go to the stake center and prepare and make sure things were ready for zone conference tomorrow.

Wednesday we had zone conference.  It was the North Hollywood, Valencia, and Santa Clarita zones, all at our stake center.  It took up a big portion of the day.  We were able to give a training that went well, I think.  I was giving it, not in the audience.  Some other zone leaders gave a training, as well as the assistants, and President and Sister Henrie. It's always such a good meeting.  We did exchanges after, and I went with Elder Sosa.  Elder Sosa just got released from being zone leader for over the past year, so I was able to learn a lot from him.  We had a good knockout, and then hit Wendy's for dinner, cuz no dinners in YSA.  Our appointment fell through, so we went to the park to talk with people, and played ball with some kids.  You know how it goes, if we win, we teach them.  We won both times. (They're coming to play basketball with us today at the stake center.)  We had a good lesson with Chantel afterwards, really Spirit driven.

Thursday (ONE YEAR!!!) we went and played ball in the morning for exercise, before meeting with some members and sharing a quick message and helping them share the Gospel better in their lives. We call this "Member Inspire" in our mission.  We were able to stop by a couple other people, and then a recent convert from  his ward, had a birthday/graduation party for him and his daughter, so had us over for lunch, and then we exchanged back.  We got bashed by some girls during knockout, but they don't understand we're not going to argue back, we simply invite.  We were able to go by some people, I can't remember who, though.

Friday was just a bad start to the day.  Our washer in our apartment like randomly blew up, Elder Horito had stuff in there, so they were stained with something, so we needed to get to a wash real quick, to get it out while it was fresh.  But the whole morning just had a bad feel to it.  We were able to turn the day around and have a good knockout.  Didn't find anyone too set, but some good people, nonetheless.  Also, when we were going to be home for dinner, we got a call.  The Santa Clarita stake has youth conference, and all the youth are going out with missionaries on Saturday.  We were asked to make the assignments to all the missionaries to let them know if they would or wouldn't be have youth with them, and where they had to meet them.  So I got to call all the zone leaders in the mission and go through their zone.  Very similar to transfer calls, I feel the pain of what the assistants have to do to make transfer calls to the whole mission, hahah.  So there went our dinner hour and time before bed.

Saturday morning we planned on biking with the youth we had, so we packed up the bikes, and planned to do studies at the church where it was more quiet (and central in our area.)  When we got there, some youth didn't show up, so we had to help coordinate throughout the mission again, who didn't need to meet somewhere to have youth.  But it seems like the youth had a good time with the missionaries, I hope they all had a good experience.  We were able to have a lesson with Kora and one of her sisters, Dede, before knocking, and doing some member inspire lessons.  We finally were able to have dinner and cool down a little today, so that was good.

Sunday we had coordination with our ward mission leader and then church.  Got to talk to Caden Bailey, from home, so that was cool.

Caden Bailey and Elder Martin

 Church was good, but let me tell you, YSA is weird...I may have said this last week, but I'm never going to a YSA ward outside of the one I'm serving in. They're great people though, it's just weird. We had a linger-longer after church so we were able to get some people better acquainted with Kora and Dede.  I was able to get to know some other people too, so that was good.  We knocked after that, and then stopped by Kora's to create a better relationship with her family.  It was a success.  We also stopped by a guy named Dominic.  Some Hermana's knocked into him last week.  He was praying to know if God was there and loved him when the Hermana's knocked on his door.  We were able to testify of the power of prayer, and go over the Restoration again.  When we asked if the first vision was something he could believe in, he said "I feel like it happened to me."  It was so neat!  We set a baptismal date with him for July 22.  It was a really good day.

I love you all!  Like my dad would always say, "Remember who you are, and what you stand for!" The world is crazy out there, but as you remember that you are a child of God, and he loves you, you'll recognize and want to obey the commandments a little bit better, and then we'll be blessed.

Have a great week!
Elder Martin

Kora with Elder Horito and Elder Martin

"If today you are a little better than you were yesterday, then that's enough."  
David A. Bednar

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