Sunday, May 14, 2017

Be a little better than just a good example...

Hey Everyone!  One week in May down, plenty more to go!  It sure has been hot around here, I can only imagine the summer again...we had a lot of meetings this week, so proselyting time was down.

Last Monday we balled some more.  And won some more.  Chris is still yet to win when going against me.  (clearly the mission hasn't helped me with humility.)  We had our zone leadership meeting and then dinner with the Olsen's .  Brother Olsen is our ward mission leader, and does a great job!  His wife is a great cook and baker.  Dinners are always great there!  She baked some real good blueberry muffins, that we got to take home the extra.  We made some visits, and gave a blessing to a sister in the ward as well.

Tuesday was interview day.  We got to sit with Sister Henrie all day while President Henrie does all the interviews while missionaries come in and our throughout the day.  We went to lunch with them again, and we went to a place called "Dog Haus".  They had some pretty good dogs, but was a little pricey.  After interviews, we only had one emergency that's how we spent the rest of our night after some knocking.  We moved missionaries around.

Wednesday was Mission Leadership Council (MLC).  We hit Wendy's on the way up, and then were there, being trained and uplifted.  The church came out saying no more "zone trainings", which was usually in the place of the district meeting following MLC.  We no longer get to train the zone as a whole, but this info still needs to be passed to the missionaries, so instead, in our mission, the zone leaders bounce from from every district meeting, and give a 15-30 minute training.  And that will be every week.  So that's different, but it'll be good.  We didn't get back into our valley and area until 6:30, which was our dinner time with a member.  We hit California Pizza Kitchen, which has some dang good pizzas.  We visited some potentials, and knocked a little as well.

Thursday we had district meeting, we bounced between them, and did training's in them.  Hopefully it'll be for the good and work well in our areas.  Elder Jensen and I have such chemistry, that make teaching and training with one another super smooth, allowing for the SPirit to teach and not be choppy.  We had a lesson with Mary Anne, and just answered some final questions, and got her prepared for baptism.  We had knockout, and then dinner at the Waldman's, who are the ones that live by Drake.  So naturally we drove by again...the gate was open this time.  We bounced back and hit some investigators, and their neighbors on the way home.

Friday, since we hadn't yet this week, we did our weekly planning in the morning.  We had lunch with a member, rather than dinner, and then did a lot of finding, and knocking throughout the day.  When it came time for knockout, we were super tired.  We had no motivation, and it was difficult to go out and knock for 2 more hours.  BUT, we were prepared.  We had 5 Hour Energy, and that stuff changes lives.  We took it, and ended up knocking until 7, without even noticing we just went 3 hours.  It was great!  We hit up one more investigator before heading home for dinner and studying.

Saturday was the baptism day.  And as it turns out, the baptismal coordinator, booked 3 baptisms all within an hour and half of each other.  He said we gave him the wrong time for ours, but when we reminded him why we had the time we had, he remembered, and told us to figure something out with the other wards who were child on record baptisms.  Like 'nah bro, you figure it out, you messed it up.'  It was very stressful, but it ended up being good.  We were able to get it all situated, and make it a spiritual experience for Mary Anne.  She was baptized and confirmed this day.  A couple months ago, we took her to see a baptism of someone in the ward, and a video was shown.  She really liked it and asked us to show it at her baptism for the sake of her kids.  So we did.  Her kids really enjoyed it, and so did the Stake President.

We had some knocking to do, and then dinner with the Olsen's at Hook Burger.  Then we had Stake Conference.  Our Stake President brought up our baptism, and decided to talk about missionary work. He showed the video that we did at the baptism, and talked how all members need to work a little harder and spread the Gospel.  Being a little better than just a good example.  It was really good!

Sunday we had the second part of Stake Conference.  Mary Anne was there and really liked it.  There were some really good talks and specifically about missionary work and becoming reactivated after leaving for some years.  Two speakers from our ward talked about the power and promises in the scriptures to help everyone back to their feet!  The talks were great.  We had correlation, and Brother Olsen shared with us some stories from a book call "The Logan Temple; The first 100 years".  Some really cool, spiritual messages that can help assure/confirm the truthfulness of this Gospel.  It started raining, and knockout didn't seem too thrilling, so we took another 5 Hour Energy, and again it worked wonders.  On the first house we knocked, we met a lady who has a lot of potential.  She is so interested and said she has questions for us.  Eventually, dinner time!  We were fed by the Jones'.  They're really cool.  Brother Jones just got home from his mission in April of 2015, and Sister Jones, just before that.  They're really young and are here for the summer selling door to door.  But, they moved in last week, and already are willing and wanting to feed us and help with the missionary work.  His schedule only allows Saturday night and Sunday's free, and they both are willing to come to lessons those days.  What great people.  We should all be like the Jones'.

It was a great week!  I hope it was for you as well.  I would just like to share a couple of the scriptures that a sister shared that helped her , as well as some quotes.

Isaiah 41:10, 13
Jacob 3:1
D&C 6:20, 36
D&C 121:7-8
D&C 122:7

"If you feel the Lord has given us a long list of things to do, it's probably because you aren't doing them."  Stake President Grasteit

"Who is righteous?  Anyone repenting.  No matter how bad he has been, if he is repenting he is a righteous man.  There is hope for him.  And no matter how good he has been all his life, if he is not repenting, he is a wicked man.  The difference is which way you are facing.  The man on the top of the stairs facing down is much worse off that the man on the bottom step who is facing up.  The direction we are facing, that is repentance, and that is what determines whether we are good or bad." Hugh Nibley

One of the counselors in the Stake Presidency gave a little quiz.  I think it's called the Charlie Brown quiz, or the Charles Schulz people quiz.  It really puts this world into perspective, and shows who matters to us.  He followed with this quote:

"The most important people aren't those with the most credentials or achievements, but those who cared the most."  President Payne

It's so true!  I hope you all have a great week!

I love you all!
Elder Martin

"Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God:  I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee;yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."  Isaiah 41:10

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