Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We can see out, but the world can't see in, unless they humble themselves and want to come closer to their Savior

I hope you all had a great ending to spring...?  June is right around the corner!  I am not ready for this increase in heat.  Good thing I'm not on a bike...right?

On Monday, we decided to take a little break from packing and cleaning, and we went to the little lookout to where you can see the ocean.  Unfortunately, it was too cloudy again.  Took some dope pictures though!  Came home and finished packing real quick, and the made some visits.

Tuesday was transfer day!  We drove up to Santa Clarita and dropped off all my stuff and my new/old apartment.  We went to the place where they hold transfers, and got to know the new zone.

Good bye, Elder Jensen

Elder Martin, Sister Farrimond, Elder Jensen

We dropped off a couple of bikes for people, and then we headed to knockout.  We were able to talk with a lot of people.  Right as we were about finished, there was a lady across the street that we went and talked to.  She was walking home from work, and we caught her right in time.  She asked if we could go talk in the shade, so we went to some benches and taught the Restoration.  It clicked for her. She really got it.  So we invited her to be baptized, and she accepted a soft batismal date.  She speaks Spanish as her first language, so we passed her off to the Spanish hermana's.  They've been able to meet with her a couple times, so that's good.  We had dinner with a family who has a YSA daughter, and the parents are in some calling that make them in the YSA ward.  There was a girl named Kora, who was baptized about 2 weeks ago, there too, and for the message, she taught everyone the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was really cool, she is so converted already!

Wednesday we weekly planned for a little bit, before we had to go get some things done.  We decided to spend some time at the local college, College of the Canyons, to do some tracting.  The YSA missionaries have been doing this for some time now, and never got in trouble.  Then all of the sudden, today, security came and told us we couldn't do it.  We talked and taught a lot of people.  It was cool.  The security guard did tell us to go to the football stadium, where graduation was and talk to people there, haha.

Elder Horito, Elder Martin at the College of the Canyons

We had a lesson with Kora's sister on obedience and how obedience brings blessings  We also taught Kora's friend, Chantel.  We did that lesson at the church, and it was mutual night for the Saugus ward, so I was able to see some familiar faces, it was cool!  We met with our bishop to introduce me, then had to meet the assistants so they could give us a video to train on, at zone conference.

Thursday we had a lesson with a guy who we're teaching and making sure he is solid before we pass him to the family ward, because we don't want to pass a bad investigator on.  Then we hit up district meeting.  We got to train both districts again and we felt to train on "prayer of faith".  It went well, and in was received well.  We did a little knock out exchange with some Elders, and I was with Elder Turner, what a guy!  For dinner, we were eating with some guys who are here for the summer selling pest control.  We got there, and they said "Elders, what do you want to eat?"  We had even confirmed that day that we were eating with them.  Not good, hahaha.  I saw the scriptures of the other pest guy who wasn't home, and it said "Elder Caden Bailey", I thought, hmmm, that's weird, I know him.  So I asked one of the other guys who he is and he said "He served in my mission."  So I checked if he served in Georgia and sure enough, he did.  When the other pest guys got home, it was Caden Bailey, from my home ward.  It was pretty cool to see him, by surprise, and accident!  We got a couple of scary texts from Chantel, that made it seem like she was dropping us, but after we called, she said "I'm just so excited for baptism!!!" so that was really goo to hear!

Friday we spent some time to plan our training that we have to give at zone conference.  We talked with some people, and then we were able to knock on a door of a potential YSA, and teach him on the doorstep.  It was really cool.  We did another knockout exchange today, and I went with Elder Mekhaeil, my former companion.  It was a good knockout.  We had dinner with a family with a YSA kid, and brought Chantel along.  We were able to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it went so well.  She asked a lot of really good questions and we were able to answer them with the pamphlet.  It was a good spiritual lesson.

Elder Martin and Elder Mekhaeil

Saturday we had correlation in the morning, and then we went through some former investigators to stop by today.  We are short on miles, and there are a lot of people out and about on Saturday's, so we decided to bike.  Yup, zone leaders, and in YSA, on bike.  That's not very common.  We were able to talk to a lot of people.  We picked up a new investigator for one of these family wards, and then another for the Spanish missionaries.  We hadn't eaten today, and one guy we talked to, Elder Horito straight up quoted Alma 8:19...look it up.  (***And as he entered the city he was an hungered, and he said to a man: Will ye give to an humble servant of God something to eat? ***)

Sunday we did all sorts of things to prepare for the day, considering we have 1 o'clock church.  We were able to go and invite some people to church.  We had ward council in the morning, too.  It was the most productive, spiritual ward I've ever been to.  It was so good!  At church, we had Chantel there.  We had a lesson planned with her for after, but couldn't do it, so we did it during second hour. Just pulled in some members to help teach.  After church, we had knockout, and were able to talk with a lot of people on the streets.  We talked to a guy who's obsessed with Jordan's, so of course I started talking.  We were able to teach the Restoration, and he invited us back.  He also accepted a soft baptismal invite.  Right as we were done talking with him, the Spanish sisters found us, and told us that they just picked up the most solid investigator ever, and he's YSA.  He was praying that God would show him that He loves him, and then the missionaries came.  Straight general conference status there.  I noticed, while in church, some sirens outside.  I thought how annoying it was, but then thought, we have the Gospel, and are worshiping now, but can still see/hear the outside world.  But those on the outside, see/hear the same thing we do OF the world, but they don't necessarily enjoy the blessings of the Gospel.  We can see out, but the world can't see in, unless they humble themselves, and want to come closer to their Savior.

Monday we were able to talk with a lot of people.  I went on another knockout with Elder Herring, this time.  He's got a solid 4 inches and 150 pounds on me.  He's a big boy.  We got invited in the first door.  It was people trying to mess with us, and tempt us, we invited them to hear the message of the Restoration and act on it, No intent was there, so we left.  The last door, we were able to teach another kid who is YSA aged, and got a return appointment.  We had a lesson with Chantel again, and then we had our zone leadership meeting.  It went really well.

I hope you all have a great week!  Happy Birthday to my brother, Parker!  Everyone wish him a happy birthday!

I love you all!

Elder Martin

"One man or woman, who is willing to testify when the world seems to be going in the opposite direction, can make a difference."  Elder Gregory Schwitzer

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