Monday, May 22, 2017

Temple trip to transfers

Hello everyone!  It was a very good week this last week.  From stressed temple trip, to transfers!

On Monday we went to go and help a referral move some stuff.  We set up the missionaries to help where they were moving to, to get their foot in the door to start teaching.  So we loaded the U Haul on our end, and they were going to unload it on their end.  Turns out, the other missionaries didn't want to, and they were busy with P-day.  So we used our P-day and went over and helped them unload this stuff, and got a return appointment for the other Elders, you're welcome Elders.  That was about it.  We made a couple visits later in the night.

Elders Moving Co.

Tuesday we had our weekly planning, and a lot of finding.  Eventually we had a lesson with Tabatha and talked about Temples and Families, and the blessings that come from the temple, and how blessed we are to have the priesthood restored to the Earth, that way these things, such as being sealed with our families, is able to be accomplished.  It was really good.  She is also praying for her own baptismal date, which is awesome!

Wednesday we did another apartment inspection in the morning, and also more finding in the morning.  Went and had physical therapy again at the brother's office in our ward, before heading to knockout.  We got a call from a member of ours to see if we could come give a blessing to a lady in the hospital. She knows of the missionaries- she's Catholic, and her family is Jewish, but still asked for a blessing.  It was cool, again with the priesthood, to see the comfort it brought to her family.  We're so blessed too, to know the Plan of Salvation, and that we can be with loved ones again.  As we were leaving the hospital, a lady with two little girls yelled out "Elders!"  and asked what we were doing there.  We told her, and she leaned down to the little girls and asked if "mommy would want a blessing" and they said, yes.  So we were able to give a blessing to their mother, who had just had twin girls, but had complications and was still in the hospital.  It really is amazing to see how God is in the details of all of our lives.  He puts us in the right places, at the right time.  We also went and helped some people 'move a couple boxes.'  But it never is JUST a couple boxes.  Oh well.

Giving blessings at the hospital

Thursday was Elder Jensen's birthday!  We had mail run in the morning, and the we hit up his birthday lunch.  We had district meeting after that, and got to train...yet again.  We had a good knockout today. We talked with a lot of people throughout, planted some seeds.  We had dinner with a real old couple. And then, like halfway through dinner, they both peaced out, and went to check on their pool in the backyard.  It was weird.

Dinner hosts ditched us?

Friday we were able to go to the temple for Elder Jensen's birthday.  We had Brother Devor from the ward take us down.  We were trying to make the 9:15 session, but we didn't leave until 8:00.  We were going to LA in LA traffic, on a Friday morning.  We were on the I-5, running late, and he still hadn't put on his shoes and socks, so he did that while I steered on the freeway, hahaha.

Turns out, we were on Santa Monica Blvd, right in front of the temple at a light,, at 9:08.  Brother Devor dropped us off and we ran in, and made the session, and so did he.  It was great.  After the temple, we had a lesson with Mary Anne, and her daughter Laura.  They made us lunch.  We had a good knockout again.

Running to the temple

Saturday we made a lot of morning visits, and a lot of morning knocking.  We eventually had to fill the font for a baptism in my last ward, West Hills.  And as we were leaving, (you can only be at the baptism if you found, or taught, or have an investigator there.) no suits, because we didn't expect to stay, there was a couple that pulled up and told us that a couple of years ago the missionaries helped them move and they wanted to check the church out.  It just happened that they showed up 15 minutes before the baptism, so we stayed for the baptism, then got them acquainted with their respective missionaries.  It was cool to see that missionaries good example and effort from years ago, paid off now.  Sometimes we can't see the fruits that will come from our efforts, but just know that they always will at some time-the Lords time.

Filling the font

The wonderful Jeffords family with many of the missionaries in the area, that they have had in their home.

We had dinner with a really cool family, and then had to do some errands for some missionaries.  We got home, and the much anticipated transfer calls came...Elder Jensen is staying, and I am leaving...sad day!

Sunday was your typical Sunday.  We had a really good Sacrament meeting.  Some members who are moving, spoke on missionary work, and it was very good!  During Sunday school, we met separately with one of our investigators and it took up part of third hour as well.  It was all good.  After church, our Bishop came up to us and said, "I've got a baptism for you, and teaching isn't needed."  It's crazy! There is a girl who has been coming to church by herself, every Sunday since she was 14, and has participated in everything.  She took seminary, she KNOWS the Gospel.  She finally turned 18 and made the choice on her own to be baptized.  Then we got a really cool referral after church, from a lady who had been going to church in Santa Monica, because she didn't now there was a closer church.  She told us that she had been close to baptism too.  How insane!  We work really hard, and the Lord blesses us, no matter how it comes, the way we expected it or not.  though we knock a lot, and don't see too much success from it, putting our faith forward, the Lord see's and blesses us nonetheless.  Went and said 'good bye' to the Devor family, before going to dinner at the Waldman's, one last time.  Didn't see Drakes house this time though, haha.  e had a really good lesson on the Plan of Salvation with a guy named Matt, who was a referral from some Ventura missionaries...weird, huh?  It's a long story.  It went really well though, so that's good.  Went to say goodbye to the Olsens, and then home for the night.

Brother and Sister Devor

Brother Olsen- ward mission leader

It's been a great run here in Hoodland Wills.  But, I found out that I'm going back up to Santa Clarita, this time I'm serving in YSA.  It happens that I cover part of Saugus, my old ward up there, so it will be cool to see some familiar faces.  I'm also companions with Elder Horito, who was one of my zone leaders in the past.

I love you all, have a wonderful week!

Elder Martin

Mini Cooper- emphasis on mini

"Serve Him by serving His people."  President Thomas S. Monson

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