Monday, July 25, 2016

Broken Bros, Cracked Companions, Dinged up Duo, etc.

Elder Martin's letter July 25, 2016

They are both so skinny, no wonder they are breaking bones.

(Before the wrist was broken, he made a one handed Odell catch and made a touchdown.)


A few of my questions, that were answered.  

Who's socks were used for the splint?  They were his. He had extra sock because they were using them for 'flags' in the football game.  And yes, they were clean.  One of the Elders is trained as an EMT/paramedic, so he is the one that took care of him immediately after it happened, and fashioned that awesome tree trunk splint. And yes, it hurt but he said it was better than just having his hand hang.

Why was it so late when he was having it taken care of? (almost 9pm) Because the nurse was in Santa Clarita tending to someone that had their head split open.  Sweet Sister Farrimond has been busy this week.

It is always such a joy to get his emails and pictures. We love seeing that big smile, he is so happy.

"The gospel is not there to prevent hard times from happening but to make those hard times easier and doable."   
Al Carraway

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