Monday, July 17, 2017

As we pray for opportunities, the Lord will place people in your path

Hello everyone!  I hope your week was as good as ours, here in the Wiley Canyon ward, in the Great California San Fernando Mission!  Our week was wonderful!  The Lord trusted us, and blessed us with 9 new investigators to teach this week!

Monday and Tuesday was the normal Monday and Tuesday- basketball on Monday, weekly planning on Tuesday.

Wednesday is where it really catches fire!  We had zone conference with our zone, and the Santa Clarita and North Hollywood zones.  I had the cool chance to conduct the meeting.  We had a lot of great trainings.  President and Sister Henrie trained us on using the Book of Mormon better in our teaching.  There was an experiment that was filmed, and shown to us, how the church went to 4 of the biggest cities in the world, and had people open up anywhere in the Book of Mormon, and they highlighted anywhere it mentioned Jesus Christ or our Heavenly Father.  EVERY page has something.  It's definitely another testament of Jesus Christ.  The assistants also gave a training on talking with everyone.  They did a little skit that really put things into perspective.  In this skit, they showed a guy who had just prayed for guidance in his life, and then when the missionaries saw him throughout the day, they just blew by him and all they said was "hello".  We really need to talk to everyone because we don't now who might have been praying for direction and truth in their life.

Setting up for Zone conference

Not even an hour after our conference, we were knocking doors.  The last door we knocked on before heading to an appointment, we met a lady named Lily.  She was a little apprehensive at first, but opened up as we taught.  When we got to the First Vision, we asked how she felt.  (This is generally a point where a lot of people feel the Spirit.)  She started crying, and said she was overwhelmed with peace.  She told us she moved up here recently, and didn't know why, but had been praying for that direction in her life.  As we continued to teach, we invited her to be baptized and she accepted.  Such a neat experience.  The Lord answers prayers!

Thursday another similar experience happened.  We saw a guy sitting in his work truck, so we waved towards him and he rolled the window down.  As we taught, he told us he left religion for various reasons, but still believes in God.  He basically taught us the great apostasy, so it led perfectly with the First Vision.  He said, "I know this is true, I know this happened to Joseph Smith."  We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he was so appreciative!  He told us the struggles he's going through and that he's only had water for the last 2-3 day, nothing else, because he has no money.  (He was so sincere, not a sketchy experience, especially after he told us the things he's going through.)  We told him we had a cold soda in the car as we had came from lunch, so we ran up to our car, drove back down, and gave that and two gift cards for food, to him.  As we came back down, he was already reading the Book of Mormon.  He said that it was the best thing that happened to him.  He showed us where he was reading and how it applies.  He accepted the invitation to be baptized, as well.  However, he lives in LA, so we sent it in as a referral, but nonetheless, a great experience. As we were leaving, we saw a member pull into her neighborhood.  We called and asked her to go over to this guy (we told the whole story) and that he would be reading the Book of Mormon.  She texted us 15 minutes later, telling us she got there just in time before he and his boss left, but she was able to give him some granola bars, and water, and her testimony of the Book of Mormon.  This particular guy also told us that he had been praying for directions in his life.  I KNOW, that as we pray for these particular opportunities, that the Lord will place people into your path.  Open up, talk with everyone and share the Gospel.  You never know who has been praying for direction in their life, and YOU can be the one to help!  The Lord uses some of His children to bless the lives of His others.  You too, can feel this great joy of sharing the Gospel.

Friday we were able to go on an exchange with Elder Kerr and Elder Wynne.  I was with Elder Wynne in the Valencia ward.  We were biking all around that place!  It was good.

Night cruisin' with Elder Wynne

Saturday we were getting a new car at the office.  Apparently, so were a lot of the missionaries.  We had to wait when we got there, for some guy to install the Tiwi system in the car, so one of the office couple's said we could all go to lunch.  None of us had a car though.  Bertha!  That's the mission van used when people come/go in the mission.  15 passenger van that I got to drive all these missionaries to lunch.  It sure was fun!  Of course we went to Wendy's.

Driving Bertha to lunch

Sunday was great again.  Another good Sunday.  Church is so great when there is a lot of participation.  And clearly, with the big ward we have, there is plenty of participation.  Sunday school was on sacrifice.  We use that word, but we don't give much for the blessing that we get in return, if you think about it.  Always remember though, Our Savior, Jesus Christ and his ultimate sacrifice.

I know the Lord answers prayers.  Not only mine, but everyone in the world.  Anyone who asks with faith in Christ, with intent to act on the answers received, God will answer.  I hope you all remember to pray every day!  It's such a blessing we have to be able to communicate with a loving Father in Heaven.

I love you all!  Have a great week!

P.S. Happy belated birthday Dad!

Elder Martin

The area is on fire!  Literally.

Well placed pass along card

"There are times when the Lord reveals to us things that are intended only for us.  Nevertheless, in many, many cases He entrusts a testimony of the truth to those who will share it with others.  This has been the case with every prophet since the days of Adam.  Even more, the Lord expects the members of His Church to "open their mouths at all times, declaring His gospel with the sound of rejoicing." President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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