Monday, July 3, 2017

Otter Pops and Raspadas

What a week!

Monday we played some good basketball again.  It's always great!  We were able to go to family home evening again for YSA and set up some appointments. Had some food there too. Had our normal Monday night meeting, then hit home.

Tuesday we were able to do weekly planning before hitting up an exchange with the Plum Canyon Elders.  Elder Chappell and I had a really good knockout, where we were able to talk with some great people!  We had a little lesson with a member after, to help with her missionary efforts, and then dinner.  We had Kora, Dede, and Moonie, and they brought a friend too, named Star to dinner.  We taught Star the restoration of the Gospel, and when Kora testified of the Book of Mormon, Star asked, "You're a Mormon?"  and she said "yeah" and Star replied "No wonder you're so happy now!"  and wants to learn more and read the Book of Mormon.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ really truly does bring so much happiness into people's lives, as you apply it.

Wednesday we had a booth at the community college nearby.  It was so sick!  We brought a bunch of Otter Pops to hand out.  We wrote questions on some white boards, and had people answer them, and turned it into a Gospel conversation, but the Otter Pops were to get them near us!  It was great!

We were able to meet with a couple of people before hitting KO.  As we were knocking, there was a Hispanic lady who insisted on buying us 'raspadas'.  It's like a Mexican slushy.  Wherever you go here in this mission, there are people who walk around with little carts, (kind of like ice cream truck idea) and sell really good stuff.  She wasn't a member, but so kind to buy those.

Thursday was a really good day!  We were able to go down to the Temple in LA for the mission trip.  Elder Horito and I had the chance to ride down with the Haws, one of the senior couples.  They're so great!  The temple was great, as it always is.  You learn so much every time, and the Spirit is indescribable.  On our way home we stopped at North Hollywood Toyota.  Why?  Because the mission got 3 new cars this day.  And only 4 people in our car, so we were able to drive brand new cars home, from NoHo, by ourselves.  I put the first 24.3 miles on that car, and proud of it.  It sure is weird driving alone though...They took us out to eat at Habit Burger too, such great people!

Friday we were able to meet with a couple members to help them with their missionary efforts. That's the best kind of investigator, one referred by a friend that is a close friend.  While knocking we were able to find a really cool lady named Nancy.  She was so prepared!  We were able to do exchanges with Elder Johnson and Elder Sosa too.  I was with Elder Johnson and we found an area that hasn't been touched by missionaries, so we were able to knock that for some time!  It was great!  We also talked to a girl on the street who was waiting for Uber.  We shared the Book of Mormon with her, and got a return appointment.  She loved the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation.

Saturday we were able to have a couple lessons in the morning, as well as some knocking.  We exchanged back, for me and Elder Horito to fill the font...There was a baptism too, and it was for someone who had been taught for some time, so there were a lot of missionaries there.  We had investigators there too.  Then we had a BBQ at a part member families home.  The YSA son was recently baptised, and plays college basketball, and the YSA sister likes us a lot, even though she's not a member.  Mainly because they're Polynesian, and so is Elder Horito.  Let me tell you though, it wasn't a BBQ I was expecting.  It was a Ploy BBQ with food I'd never seen.  It was way good though. We also got transfer calls.  Elder Horito is leaving, and so am I.  They're taking Elder's out of YSA. So sad, so much was just about to happen!

Sunday was good, as always.  We had Kora, Dede, Chantel, Eugiena, and Nalani'i all at church!  It was so good!  Said goodbye to the squads.  We knocked some doors and had dinner at the Merriweathers too, some bomb nachos!

I'm headed to the Wiley Canyon Ward, I hear a lot about it, and that it's the "best ward in the mission".  Obviously everyone doesn't know that whatever ward I'm in is the best in the mission. J/K, still working on my pride.

I love you all!

Elder Martin

"We should look to and have our focus firmly fixed upon the Savior at all times and in all places."  David A. Bednar

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