Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Lord will always provide

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great week, and enjoyed our freedom extra good!  This week was a hard working one, but a high rewarding one as well!

On Monday we played some ball, as usual.  We said goodbye to some members who really helped us out in the YSA ward and also met with the Merriweather sisters one last time.

Tuesday was transfer day!  We got all of our stuff packed up, and I took all my stuff to my new apartment, since I'll be so close, I could do that.  We also had one last lesson together.  We brought Brock Jensen with us, and met with Eugenia, who has a baptismal date for the end of this month.  It was a really good lesson, she basically taught us.

Brock Jensen and Elder Martin

We went straight to transfers right after, and I got my new companion, Elder Hale.

We got to stop by a member family and a person who is living with them, who is an investigator, for a quick minute, and they gave us some burgers.  After that, we had a really good first knockout together.  We knocked into a really cool lady, who was shut off at first.  We started testifying of the Gospel, and she mentioned that she has Mormon friends.  Eventually, we found out that her sons close friend just passed away in a car crash the day before, and we were able to talk with the son, as well.  We testified of the Plan of Salvation, and they were both getting emotional, and then said a prayer with them, and they were so grateful!  Turns out, they're really good friends with some members too, in our ward.  The member in our ward texted us saying that those that we knocked into, texted them saying how grateful they were for us, and that we came at the perfect time.  God IS IN THE DETAILS!

Wednesday we didn't meet with anyone in particular.  We have been doing a lot of knocking to get this area on fires!  We didn't have a dinner with anyone either, but as stopped by two members home, they both fed us.  Even when we don't have a dinner, we get 2!  I love this ward!

Thursday we had district meeting, and a lot of knocking again.  Anything to find people to teach!

Friday we had mission leadership council again, so we spent a lot of time there, but afterwards, we got back to knocking doors.  We had dinner with a family at a place called Yamato, look it up.  Sure was good!  We had a lesson with a guy named Moses.  He's from the Philippines, and we took a member with us, who is also from the Philippines.  He also fed us...not good.  We were so full.  But we had a good spiritual lesson with them on the Restoration, and picked up two of them as investigators.

Saturday was more knocking.  We would visit a potential investigator, or former investigator, and then knock around them for an hour or so, and then on to the next one.  We met with a potential who is really interested in learning now.  We also picked up another lady through knocking, named Kam. She was so excited about learning about the Gospel.

On Sunday, I walked into church to a warm welcome.  It was great!  The ward is huge!  It is bigger than my home ward in UTAH...how insane!  It's so good though!  We visited some part member families and were able to pick up the husband and son of a member, to teach!

It's so cool to see that we put in all the effort to find these people, showing the Lord our faith, in 110 degree weather, and he provides.  Sometimes it is the way we expected, but mostly, it's not.  The Lord will always provide!

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Martin

With Elder Sosa on his last night in the mission

Elder Hale

"It's by giving our whole hearts to the Master 
and keeping the commandments that we come to know Him."  
President Henry B. Eyring

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